Intervention Services

Do I need the help of an intervention professional?

Dealing with a loved one who is suffering with the disease of addiction can be a frustrating and painful experience, especially as the disease progresses and time goes by. Families and friends feel helpless and often find themselves hostages in their own environment dealing with unpredictable, hostile behavior. They want to help and try everything that they can think of, but nothing seems to work. Often, they want to access treatment, but do not know how to assess the level of care needed, or how to choose a program.

Rick Barringer

Rick Barringer

Rick's education and experience in the field of Substance Abuse is extensive. His qualifications have enhanced his performance as a Counselor, Clinical Director, Program Director, Consultant, Trainer and Teacher for over 18 years.

During the period that Rick was Executive Director of Castle Recovery Services, the agency provided training for treatment facilities across the United States. Working as a consultant and trainer for world-renowned Hazelden Services of Minnesota, he developed a curriculum dealing with distorted thinking, substance abuse and anti-social behavior.

As a recovering addict himself, Rick is able to understand and connect with people who have trouble admitting that they need help, or who are afraid of what that help might look like. Rick is a passionate advocate of recovery, who brings hope and change to families in crisis.